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Sponsorship / Advertising

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Want to grow your traffic to your Youtube channel, business, or blog? Are you a brand interested in advertising through my blog & social media? I would love to work with you! I have 4 different sponsorship/advertising packages. See a detailed description of each package below.


               Current Stats: as of 7/2/16

Youtube Subscribers: 3,130

       Avg views per month: 10,000

       Over 110,000 total views

Instagram Followers: 1,145

Facebook Likes: 453

Pinterest Followers: 243

What does this mean? It means that my combined social media following is approximately 5,000 people, and that number grows daily. 

If you would like to support my blog and gain followers by advertising your blog, youtube channel, social media account, or business on my site, I have several options for you. 

Advertising Options:
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Banner: I will place an advertisement banner for your blog, Youtube channel, social media account, or business in my sidebar for 1 month. The advertisement will have a clickable link to your website. ($10.00)

Banner & Social Media Promotion Package: This package lasts one month. Over the course of the month, I am committed to working with you to help you promote your blog or business. I will promote you on the social media networks of your choosing 4 times over the course of the month, as well as place a banner with a link to your website in my sidebar. This is an inexpensive option to boost traffic to your website! ($15.00)

Guest Post Packages:

1. Bloggers: If you choose the 'Guest Post' package, I will feature your post on my blog and all forms of social media. (Pinterest share, Facebook share, & Instagram post)  You will have the opportunity to write a blog post that fits in one of these categories: simple living, faith, fashion, beauty, travel, minimalism, or lifestyle. Along with the guest post, I will ask you to include a short bio, high quality photo, and your social media links. Also, I will place a banner on my website for 1 month. This is a great way for people to get to know you & learn about your blog! ($20.00)

2. Brands: If you are business or brand, this option is also great for you! I will feature you in a "brand spotlight" post here on the blog. I will include information about your brand, website and social media links, and if you choose to send me product(s) I will include photographs of those and provide a more in-depth review. If choose not to send me products, I will include your logo and 1-2 photos from your website. I will also place your logo on my blog for one month, as well as share the post on all forms of social media throughout the month. (contact for pricing)

Youtube Package: If you are a brand, you may be interested in the Youtube video option. This package includes a guest post, (see above package) banner on my website for 1 month, and social media promotion. If you are a brand, I will film a video featuring your product or service. I am committed to working with you on the details of the video. If you are a fellow Youtuber looking to grow your channel through collaborating, this is also an option! This package is guaranteed to boost your website traffic! (contact for pricing)

If you are not satisfied with the packages mentioned, contact me and we can put together a customized package that meets your needs. :) If you would like to place an advertisement on my website and/or Youtube channel for an extended time, contact for details.

*** Live Intentionally has strong values, and I have the right to deny any request that does not fit the values of my blog.*** Every blog or brand that I feature I would wholeheartedly recommend.***